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Cosmetics & Pharma

Multi-Component Mold

We have experience in the production of 2K and 3K molds with side or top injection. 2K or 3K molding allows for the integration of different colors or materials in a single part, enhancing the visual appeal of the product, and reducing assembly needs.
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Collapsible Core

Collapsible Cores for thread or draft demolding. Collapsible core technology allows for the creation of parts with intricate internal structures, such as holes, undercuts, and voids, which would be challenging or impossible to achieve with conventional molding methods.
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Index Plate

Index plate molds are used for a wide range of applications with multi-component injection or overmolding of inserts. With index plate molds, there is no need for a rotative plate on the injection machine, which will represent less costs on your final product.
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Multi Cavities

For high-running and needed quantities, we have produced molds up to 64 cavities. The increased production efficiency and reduced cycle times contribute to overall cost savings per part.
< 1 T

40% of our molds

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50% of our molds


10% of our molds