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At RKP Moldes we seek to respond in a professional attentive and responsible way to all expectations and demands of the markets in the development and manufacture of molds for the plastic industry, being our main purpose to continuously satisfy our customers’ needs based on innovation, dynamism and quality.
With more than 25 years of experience, RKP Moldes has a dynamic management focused on the customer. It assumes itself as a driver in the continuous training of its employees as well as in the recognition of their work, guaranteeing the necessary means for the maintenance of a cohesive and motivated team leading to a growing success.
RKP Moldes has been developing its technical skills by updating and following the industrial progress, betting on new and innovative technologies, providing a greater capacity of response. At present it has the capacity to manufacture molds up to 8 tons for injection and bi-injection of plastics, and die-casting, having clients in the industries: Aeronautics, Automotive, Cosmetics, Household Appliances and Electronics.
Current exportation to countries such as Spain, Germany and Mexico have a great expression in our results, being 80% from direct exports. Nonetheless we value the domestic market, a major driver to our company and services such as: Product Development, Industrial Design, Engineering, Project Management, Product Industrialization.
The quality and prestige of our products and services make our company the ideal partner for your business.


RKP Moldes responds to demand in a professional, attentive and responsive manner to the requirements and expectations of development and manufacture of molds for the plastics industry, using the best and most advanced available resources and technical know-how in order to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. We are attentive to the future.


To be an international reference in the molds sector.
To exceed the expectations of our customers, potential customers and employees.
To present the best services with the highest quality in the various sectors of activity.


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RKP Moldes commits itself to:

1. Carry out its activity in a philosophy of continuous improvement, ensuring compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and applicable requirements and regulations;

2. Customer satisfaction and loyalty - through the provision of products / services that meet the requirements and needs of its customers and users at the level of Mold’s operation, and to the extent possible, of its expectations by complying with deadlines, working to absence of complaints and also by easy communication exchanges.

3. Satisfaction and involvement of its employees - valuing them professionally and providing adequate conditions for the performance of their duties;

4. Co-operation with key suppliers - by providing knowledge and information in an attempt to achieve mutual growth;

5. Produce in a way to monetize resources;

6. Satisfaction and recognition of the surrounding community - complying with applicable legislation and, as far as possible, collaborating in the cultural development of society.

RKP Moldes relies on these principles and calls for an active and responsible attitude of all employees in order to promote the continuous improvement and effectiveness of its Quality Management System, committing itself to ensure the necessary technical, financial and human resources.

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direct exports.

Nonetheless we value the domestic market

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